Onward to Ruin

I am so glad I found this community; Seph/Zack doesn't get the love it deserves. I wasn't too keen on this paring for a while, but the more I read fics with this pairing, the more I fell in love with it. These two seem like such a good match to me.

I've been posting this fic to FF.net under the name Sinnii, so If you want to read everything I have so far (Prologue-Chapter 4) you can venture over there... But I haven't been getting the constructive criticism I like to get. So I'm posting here albeit, at a much slower pace. Hope you guys like it.

Title: Onward to Ruin

Rating: T for now

Prologue: We Meet at Last

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I stumbled on this community months ago, read through everything, and was saddened when I saw that this has turned into such a ghostly community.

So I have no qualms about sharing one of mine with you guys, since turnabout is fair play. ^_^    Smutty smut smut smut is product of kink meme. You have been warned.

Title: Insert Witty Title Here (I suck at titles)
Rating: MA
Prompt: "I want Zack/Seph/Cloud with Sephiroth on bottom. Request that Zack and Cloud fuck him at the same time. Bonus: Sephiroth being unsure and allowing the other two to completely dominate him. Remember, double penetration is a must!"
Warnings: Sex, language, odd humor, and the oh-so-rare NotABitch!Cloud.
Pairings: Zack/Cloud/Sephiroth. Yes, Ukeroth strikes again. There's not enough out there I tell you!



You wanted vanilla, and you didn't tell us?!

In which there is sword!porn

Title: Masamune Is Not A Sex Toy
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Seph/Zack, Masamune/Zack
Word count: 2,500~
Rating: PG15 to light R-ish?
Warnings: Sexual themes (no actual smut though), inappropriate use of a sword
Summary: Masamune is not a sex toy, but may be used in inappropriate ways in order to acquire sexual favours if all else fails.
A/N: Inspired by one of my awesome friends who gave the prompt Masamune/Zack in a mini prompt-battle thing we were attempting. That wasn't the prompt I was actually supposed to do, but the idea got stuck in my head, and then... well, this happened. >>

"Yes, Fair, I am 'serious'. If Angeal insists on me babysitting you, you may as well do something useful instead of cluttering up my office."

P.S. If you're watching the ffvii_yaoi comm as well you've probably already seen my little announcement, but I now have a scan community specifically for FFVII yaoi doujinshi over at blacksky_scans ^^ My other awesome friend who collects Seph/Zack doujinshi is going to be scanning some of her books to post there as well, so hopefully the first of those should be up within a week or two. Just in case that's of interest to anyone here. =3
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Another Small Offering

Title: Housetraining the Puppy (Pt1 of ????)
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Sephiroth/Zack, implied Angeal/Zack
Summary: When Angeal is forced to leave on a week-long mission to Mideel, he leaves his energetic Puppy in Sephiroth’s care. The only problem being, no one mentioned this to the General.
Warnings: Boys Love... sorry, nothing too dirty...
Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own them, and I am not foolish enough to say that I do. They belong to Square, due to that merger between Shinra Electric and Squaresoft a few years back. I’m just toying with our favorite playthings. Hopefully, they won’t kill me when I’m through.

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Chapter 1: Interception [here]
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Doujinshi for Sale

I have a few doujinshi featuring Sephiroth/Zack that I am willing to part with.

Scrupple by Navajo Ai, Shiki_Kasamode, and quite a few others. It features one hardcore story about Zack as a patient in a hospital with Sephiroth as the doctor. There are quite a few novel pages and another short story featuring Zack as a prisoner. Asking price $25.00, which includes shipping within the US.

Scrupple - SOLD

Reunion Jacker and Full Throttle feature Sephiroth/Zack with a few other Shinra characters on the side. Both are $15.00 each which includes shipping within the US. You will also see a Cloud/Aerith Doujinshi as well. That one runs for the same price at $15.00

Full Throttle and Reunion Jacker

All three are in excellent condition and come with a cellophane protective sleeve. For international buyers please PM for more details.
So lemme tell ya what REALLY happened...

What May Come, A Friendship Fic

Author: quietncryptic
Title: What May Come
Pairings/Characters: Zack, Sephiroth; friendship
Rating: worksafe
Word count: ~500+
Summary: Zack said unto Sephiroth, "I dreamed I died." And the General was most unnerved.
Disclaimer: Let it be known: Quietncryptic does not own.
Note: Linked to my journal. X-posted. :D

Sephiroth did not like being reminded that all good things eventually come to an end.
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